1. i-wontdance:

    "Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake. Freestyle tapping by Nick Gonzalez. Filmed / Edited by Helton "Brazil" Siqueira.



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  3. elliearmon:

    The new Morris shoes have arrived!!!! Time to get belled up!


  4. toomanybooks-notenoughtime said: I just wanted to say that I'm so happy I found a fellow tapper on here! Tap is so much fun (I've been tapping since I was 3) and it's becoming a lost art!! (which is really sad because tap dancing is awesome. :D) I'm so glad that people out there, like us, are still tap dancing :D

    Haha I wouldn’t say tap is a lost art just yet, but I know what you mean. I do think it has become underappreciated. These aren’t the days of Gene Kelly anymore :/

    But yes, I’m glad there are still tappers like us out there too! :D


  5. Anonymous said: I'm very interested in learning tap. In fact, I've found a teacher arranged a time and all that but my mom is refusing to let me learn because she says it is harmful to the knees. Is that true because all I can find on the internet is that tap is beneficial to your health. I'm very serious in wanting to learn tap, is there any way I can convince my mom?

    You can hurt your knees in tap if you don’t use proper technique, but I’ve never heard that it’s particularly bad for your knees over other styles of dance or exercises (plus you don’t land on your knees in tap like in other styles of dance). Dance studios and stages are actually designed for dancers to not hurt their knees. They use a special sprung floor so that there is some give (reasons you shouldn’t really dance on hard surfaces like concrete or pavement). 

    Just remember to protect your knees when taping. Always be bending you knees and never land any move with a straight leg! I don’t know if you have any other dance experience but cross training with tap always helps too, in other styles and/or some strength and flexibility training…but they’re not entirely necessary. 

    I’m sure your teacher will take good care of you. Since you’re just a beginner there shouldn’t be to much reason to worry about your knees yet. You’ll be learning basic steps and technique first :)

    I hope there’s something in there to help you convince your mom. If she’s really worried offer to wear a thin knee brace or something to put her at ease. But as long as you’re bending your knees while tapping and keep your movements clean and don’t twist your knee around there’s not much need to worry :) Just know your body and if something hurts take a break :)


  6. tapwithdes:

    "Sing" - Ed Sheeran (Nick Young & Patrick Cook Tap Dancing)

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  7. Comic-Con 2010: Psych (Tap-Dance-Off)

    Spending my day furthering my obsession with Psych and Dule Hill


  8. ailie-kennaxx:

    Love love love


  9. So it took me super long to find a video that would post but here it is!
    Syncopated Ladies on sytycd!

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  10. tappintoreality:

    That awesome feeling when you put your tap shoes on for the first time in five years and they still fit. These aren’t coming off again for a while lol.


  11. danceonfox:

    Syncopated Ladies!


  12. Syncopated Ladies on So You Think You Can Dance tonight!!!


  13. mmticka:

    When everyone’s away, these babies come out to play. #100happydays #day40 #tapshoes #tap #ijustalmostfellonmybutt #dance


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    Favorite musical numbers

    Dig-Dig-Dig Dig For Your Dinner, Summer Stock (1950)

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    Favorite Musical Numbers

    You, Wonderful You (Reprise) Summer Stock (1950)