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  2. sytycdcritique:

    Zack - “Gotta Get Thru This” - Tap

    So apparently this solo was improvised! Good for you Zack! You go boy! Those slides were great and those flying shuffles were so fast. I’m impressed even more by him every day. I don’t even know what else to say besides the fact that I’m so happy he’s still in this competition. Biggest underdog this season. Zack for the win! :D

    Yes! Zack for the win!


  3. sytycdcritique:

    Valerie - “Dance With Me Tonight” - Tap

    I love a good tap solo and this girl can move! I loved when she tapped in a circle out of her maxie ford like move. This solo was choreographed really well and matched the music perfectly. Seeing her tap made me love her again after her so-so performance last week. Also, I love that costume.

    Yes Valerie! I love this girl. Her smile is everything in her performances.


  4. ritchhazelsnaps:

    Oakland Art and Soul Festival 2014 | Tap Dance the Heart! v.2

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    For tickets, click here



  6. dailytapvideos:

    Michelle Dorrance is a monster. I love her physicality when she dances. She is pushing the boundaries of tap with her company Dorrance Dance…. Bahh I cant… 

    Check out her talk at Jacobs Pillow too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DG_L4Huatk

    Yo, DailyTapVideos posts tap videos everyday! Follow and we will send you kisses and love. 

    All those extra sounds she makes are perfect!


  7. tappers-unite:

    My loves


  8. dailytapvideos:

    Jason Janas is not human. His rhythm is amazing. He is so clean and crispy. WHO ARE YOU JASON JANAS?

    Yo, DailyTapVideos posts tap videos everyday! Follow and we will send you kisses and love. 

    New tap blog guys! And so far I’m in love with everything about it.


  9. Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies - Roar

    I meant to post this weeks ago!! Please forgive me! I love these ladies.

    And they’re tapping on rock formations and I’m a geologist so <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  10. dailytapvideos:

    Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards is queen. 

    Excuse me while I move to Sweden so I can go to this festival and just stare for hours.


  11. dailytapvideos:

    If you have never taken class from Derick Grant, get on that. 

    I couldn’t stop staring


  12. sytycdcritique:

    Valerie and Zack - “Sing” - Tap

    This is my absolute favorite dance of the night! Though I love tap and I might be a little biased haha

    I’m upset that we didn’t even know Zack existed until he made top 20. Tappers already tend to have enough trouble as it is getting a following but I guess since he’s so diverse they figured everyone would just forget he’s a tapper anyway, kind of like with Aaron.

    Tap Dancing on stairs is so hard and I love what Anthony Morigerato did with them. He did the littlest things like tapping of the shoes on the side of the stairs that just made the dance that much harder and cooler. When they did those double pullbacks down the stairs…I was in love haha

    Zack seemed more comfortable with the stairs but I think that’s just because he’s so much taller and has longer legs. Valerie really had to stretch when they were going down those stairs two at a time. Valerie is so adorable though and I really want that dress. I like how they had to tie in her red tap shoes with the rest of the costume. I just love everything about this.

    Because I’m excited for tonight’s show


  13. thebeautyofmovement:


    Im going to start posting tap vids more often because I never see any decent ones on tumblr. Youre welcome.

    This beautifully embodies why I love tap - really strong rhythmic technique but also a beautiful freedom in the rest of the body

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  14. ravenreverie:

    Even if you’re a beginner, once you start, it never leaves you. It becomes part of you. And you become part of it.


  15. losingwins:

    Cleaning out the garage and found my taps shoes #tap 👯👞