1. Anonymous said: Have you ever had to take a breaking from tap dancing? Not because you want to, but because of the money situation in your family? That's happening to me and I feel pretty sad because I can't keep learning, I still practice on my own tho (1)

    (2) But it’s not the same… I’m learning irish dancing for free at high shool but I don’t like as much as tap dancing (I’m not saying it sucks, it’s not my style you know?) so yeaah I’m pretty damn sad and I needed to share with someone, thanks!!<33

    Last year I didn’t do any kind of tap class at all because I had just graduated college without a job and couldn’t afford it. I actually learned some irish dance during that time too! I won some free lessons so it was just enough to keep me actively dancing for a while. You could always see if there are any jobs at your studio you could do as payment for your lessons. Some teachers will make exceptions like that. I hope you get tapping again soon <3 Everything will work itself out :)


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    so this is happening

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    My tap shoes came!


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    She looooooves dance class :-) 👯 They do #ballet and #tap


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    Primera clase de tap 😱😁🎉🎊 #alfin #tap #comenzando #impetu @soyimpetu


  7. Aleksandr Ostanin - Tap Dance World Championship 2012 - “Gotta Get Thru This”


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    I pray to the gods everyday that i may be as good at tap dancing as this dude

    one day

    also this is a hella cool cover of ‘Wiggle’ just saying

    Yes! I love that they incorporated tap again! 

    Wiggle - Vintage 1920s Broadway Jason Derulo/Snoop Dogg Cover - Postmodern Jukebox


  9. Anonymous said: I accidentally became a tap teacher (I never intended to teach tap, the studio I learned to dance at really needed a tap teacher, i just graduated college, they begged), and today is my first class. Teaching Teen Tap, which is my studio's beginning tap class for older kids. I am absolutely terrified. I don't think I got any sleep last night. But I've been watching videos posted on your page today for inspiration/to calm me down. So thank you!

    haha no problem! You’ll do great! My first time teaching a dance class I was nervous has h*** but once you get started you’ll get more comfortable :)


  10. Anonymous said: Do you know the normal height range for the rockettes? I was just curious. Someone I know said they wanted to audition but ended up being to short...?

    Yeah they’re very strict on height because everything is so synchronized I know the minimum height is 5’6” because I’m 5’5” and it’s been a sore spot with me and a friend for a while. We really wanted to audition too. I think the max height is 5’11 1/2” or 5’10 1/2”…I can’t remember. I’m sure it’s on their site somewhere.


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    please watch and share


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    #tap #heelstep #tapdancingnugget #lookathergo

    That little girl in the purple/pink leo though! 


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    Singing In The Rain (1952)

    (via the-unmodern-kid)


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    Nicholas Young!

    Yo, DailyTapVideos posts tap videos everyday! Follow and we will send you kisses and love.