1. symartie:

    Changed my tap shoes and got these incredible comfy ones.
    Makes tapping an even more joyous experience.


  2. shootingthingsforfun:

    Tap dancing guy on Bourke st Melbourne.


  3. Anonymous asked: do you have any more tap videos I can see of you dancing tap I love to see you dance rhythm tap

    I have very few videos of me tap dancing unfortunately. The studio at my college didn’t allow tap shoes on the dance floor because they were “afraid of scratches”… I know…it’s dumb. So we always practiced in socks haha Plus I haven’t found a new studio to tap at since graduating but I think I might have found a place so yay! Back to tap! I have one other video from a recital that I haven’t posted yet. Maybe I’ll do that soon!


  4. konzelwoman asked: You are my new friend. No ifs, ands, or buts. You tap dance and posted a The Little Mermaid Musical quote. This was meant to be.

    Oh wow I didn’t even know that was from the musical until I saw your comment! I’ve never seen it haha but I love The Little Mermaid!


  5. So the other day…


    One of my friends made the comment that “tap is only with the feet while ballet requires the involvement of your whole body,” and that kinda struck a chord with me. Because it’s true that in ballet you have to use your whole body, but you also do in tap. I wonder if people realize the amount of work that goes into tap. For anyone who has seen Singing In The Rain you can see how much of your body goes into it. The actors appear to almost be falling over when they dance because they get so into it. Tap dance, like any other dance, requires the movement of the entire body. It doesn’t have to be as precise as in other forms of dance, but it’s still a major workout requiring massive amounts of control.


  6. dinosaursinmycloset:

    "Dancing is a language that is felt instead of heard, but it does much more than language ever could." #tap #100happydays


  7. godriveacampervan:

    Fab tap sesh with Lou yesterday haha - she taught me double and triple timestep! And lent me her shoes!


  8. konzelwoman:

    Fred Astaire, everybody!


  9. phantomfacesatthewindow:


    This made my smile like an idiot haha They’re adorable

    Also…blue tap shoes! <3


  10. existssolelyforthispurpose:

    cleanin out my closet tap routine


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  13. revolve-dance:

    Getting our tap shoes ready for the brand new classes this Sunday 13th April from 5pm at Wigan Youth Zone! ONLY 50p ENTRY!!!! Come & join us ages 11+.


  14. kabeliya:

    Shawn Byfield with Samba Squad, A Que Belleza Party, Opera House, Toronto, November 2013


  15. lopera1988:

    I wanna practice Tap Dancing at Shakespeare and Company in Paris

    Had to skip around a bit, but I love street tappers! Haven’t seen to many women do this before.