1. brookeshelby:

    First pair of tap shoes.


  2. h0pelesslyhappy:

    Once a tapper. Always a tapper.


  3. laurengottarmy:

    Love that two tappers are in the finale! Hoping one of them takes the title America’s Favorite Dancer :)


  4. So You Think You Can Dance: Zack (Tap)

    If you’re not online voting for Zack right now there might be something wrong with you.



  5. Oh my god It’s Valerie tap dancing to “Valerie”


    I’ve wanted this for so long!!

    I was like :O


  6. sytycdcritique:

    Zack - “Butterfly” - Tap

    I think Zack’s tap is very rhythmic at heart and I really like that about him. The two tappers have such different approaches to solos this year it’s impossible to compare them. However, while I’m impressed by Zack’s improv solo’s, at this point I really want to see what he can do when he really thinks about the steps in advance like Valerie. I think the improv was cool the first time, and I still love Zack, I just want to see more! I would really like to see a wider variety of moves from Zack because I know he can do them!


  7. dailytapvideos:

    Daniel Borak and Daniel Leveillé are both super talented dancers from Europe, that created this video called “A Heart Trip Through Switzerland”. More like a trip to my heart? Heheh yeah? No? Okay… 

    Yo, DailyTapVideos posts tap videos everyday! Follow and we will send you kisses and love. 

    Woops my Daniel Borak obsession is back… and I don’t know who Daniel Leveille is but I’m okay with him… ;)


  8. natalieispoetry:

    Got my tap shoes today! I’m so ready to get it in.

    #beginner #dance #tap #grownupkid #learnsomethingnew


  9. thepinkwardrobe:

    Mike at rehearsal last night had a lovely pair of tap shoes waiting to be tried on @blochau #tap #tapshoes #tapdance #babytap #babytapshoes

    awww :)


  10. sytycdcritique:

    Valerie - “What I like About You” - Tap

    I really like all of Valerie’s tap choreography. The way she uses the music and lyrics in her dances is great (her over the tops.) Valerie should probably win an award for cutest contestant ever at this point and I almost didn’t notice she wasn’t wearing her red tap shoes! Great solo! :)


  11. ..this floor is my instrument.
    — Savion Glover (via livesoundgirl)

  12. dailytapvideos:

    Throwback to one of the first Syncopated Ladies videos. Those boots tho, classic. 

    Yo, DailyTapVideos posts tap videos everyday! Follow and we will send you kisses and love. 

    This is my favorite dance of theirs! 


  13. amyinsideout:

    Some of my old taps that i found at home. Worn out but pretty nice objects. I’ve always loved tap & i’d say it has always been a strength of mine. I’ll be recording sound from a rhythmical tap performance as part of my contributiion to FFAF.


  14. (Source: maddrhythms)


  15. sytycdcritique:

    Zack - “Gotta Get Thru This” - Tap

    So apparently this solo was improvised! Good for you Zack! You go boy! Those slides were great and those flying shuffles were so fast. I’m impressed even more by him every day. I don’t even know what else to say besides the fact that I’m so happy he’s still in this competition. Biggest underdog this season. Zack for the win! :D

    Yes! Zack for the win!